We are on a short summer break, but will be back soon :)

… in the meantime.. check out the newest images NASA has released of Earth (the pale blue dot), taken by the Cassini spacecraft. They are absolutely incredible 🙂

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About Rannveig

I am a wildlife ecologist with a broad biological work experience. I have done research onthe Micropthalmia mouse gene and Blue mussels, worked with the small Australian marsupial Swamp Antechinus in my Masters project and the American mink and climate change in Iceland was the subject of my PhD project. Even though I have specialized in carnivorous mammals, I am passionate about anything to do with the environment, invasive species, pollution, climate change, habitat loss and other big global issues. I hold a diploma in film making and now work for Landvernd, the Icelandic Environment Association. My interests include travels, nature photography and playing classical and Celtic music.

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