We are three friends who met at the University of Iceland while studying biology. Over the years our chosen fields have taken us in different directions within the field, but we remain close friends and are all passionate about communicating science and other issues. We have all done science communication through the years, and on a weekend trip to a remote summerhouse in the Icelandic countryside we decided to start a blog together. Although we don´t always agree, we respect each others opinions and always have great discussions when we meet. We hope you enjoy our writing, but should probably note here that our blogs are our personal opinions and not those of each other or our employers.

Dr. Gia Aradottir
I am an entomologist, working the Chemical Ecology Group at Rothamsted Research, UK. The main focus of my work is insect-plant interactions, insect pest behaviour and management in agro-ecosystems. I am looking for insect resistance in plants, currently working on a project studying genetically modified wheat designed to repel insect pests using non-toxic mechanisms, which has caught national and international media attention. My previous experience includes studying insect taxonomy, ecology and behaviour while working at the Natural History Museum in London and the Icelandic Institute of Natural History. Other general interest include environmental issues, sustainability and the future of our planet. I am a keen science communicator and a Science Ambassador for the educational charity SetPoint. The posts on this blog are personal musings.

passamyndir og stafræn
Dr. Hafdís Hanna Ægisdóttir
I am a plant ecologist and Director of the Icelandic UNU- Land Restoration Training Programme (UNU-LRT). I studied Biology at the University of Iceland and the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), and hold a Ph.D. from the University of Basel, Switzerland, where I studied alpine plant ecology. I have organised and participated in botanical and ecological field courses and expeditions in many different ecosystems, from Svalbard and Greenland in the Arctic to the Galapagos Islands at the Equator but my recent work-related travels are mainly in sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia. My research interests are in the fields of plant- and restoration ecology, biogeography, and science education. I have published on plant ecology, education and travels in peer-reviewed journals and public literature. I like taking photographs and sing jazz- and cabaret music.

Dr. Rannveig Magnusdottir
I am a wildlife ecologist with a broad biological work experience. I have done research on the Micropthalmia mouse gene and Blue mussels, worked with the small Australian marsupial Swamp Antechinus in my Masters project and the American mink and climate change in Iceland was the subject of my PhD project. Even though I have specialized in carnivorous mammals, I am passionate about anything to do with the environment, invasive species, pollution, climate change, habitat loss and other big global issues. I hold a diploma in film making and now work for Landvernd, the Icelandic Environment Association. My interests include travels, nature photography and playing classical and Celtic music.

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